Pro Duffers West is a golf club rich in golf history.  The club dates as far back as the early 1980’s.  The formal inception of the club was March 12, 1983 with 13 active members which included:

  1. Al Burke
  2. Bobby Adams
  3. Calvin D. Banks
  4. Junius Bennett
  5. Jerry Gaston
  6. Herman Graham
  7. Sterling Ivery
  8. Julian Tarleton
  9. Charles E. Washington
  10. Clem Washington
  11. Monroe Washington
  12. Charles E. White
  13. Herbye White

The first formal meeting of the club was held on May 21, 1983 at the home of Herbye White.  The name Pro-Duffers West was compatible with a club that existed on the east coast, which was called Pro Duffers.  It was anticipated that the two clubs would have home away involvement with each other.  The other name that was proposed was Channel Island’s Golf Club, but the vote of the membership was unanimous for Pro Duffers West Golf Club.  The first officers of the club were as follows:

  • President, Charles White
  • Vice President, Julian Tarleton
  • Secretary, Milton Harrion
  • Treasurer, Al Burke
  • Tournament Chairman, Herbye White
  • Handicap Chairman, Herman Graham
  • Parliamentarian, Junius Bennett

After the formal inception of the club, the first tournament was held on June 25, 1983 at Olivas Golf Course and the cost was $8.75.  There were six other tournaments scheduled for the remainder of the year.  The dues for 1983 were $20.00 per person and were raised to $35.00 commencing in 1984.

The results of the first tournament held at Olivas were as follows:

1st Low Gross:  Scottie Wells – 77
1st Low Net:  Scottie Wells – 65 (won on tie breaker)
2nd Low Net: Jerry Gaston – 65
1st Low Calloway: Charles Washington – 72
2nd Low Calloway: Julian Tarleton – 73
1st Low Net/Calloway – Ladies:  Rose Ivery
2nd Low Net/Calloway – Ladies: Nita Sanford

The first annual invitational golf tournament was a two day event held on October 5 and 6th, 1985 at Soule Park Golf Course in Ojai, CA.  The cost of the tournament was $90.00 per player.

Pro Duffers West is a club rich in history, thank you Bobby Adams, Jerry Gaston, Sterling Ivery, and Milton Harrion for your continued membership for the past 25 years.

The emblem that represents the Pro-Duffers was designed and developed by the significant other of DC Duffer William Carr (deceased). Her name is Sharon Congdon and we are all appreciative other creative efforts.