A Tradition of Excellence

Our History

Pro Duffers West is a golf club rich in golf history. The club dates as far back as the early 1980’s. The Pro Duffers West Golf Club (PDW) was founded in 1982 in Oxnard, Ca and formalized its membership with Western States Golf Association (WSGA) in 1983. The formal inception of the club was March 12, 1983 with 13 active members which included:

Al Burke, Bobby Adams, Calvin D. Banks, Junius Bennett, Jerry Gaston, Herman Graham, Sterling Ivery, Julian Tarleton, Charles E. Washington, Clem Washington, Monroe Washington, Charles E. White, Herbye White

The first formal meeting of the club was held on May 21, 1983 at the home of Herbye White. The name Pro-Duffers West was compatible with a club that existed on the east coast, which was called Pro Duffers. It was anticipated that the two clubs would have home away involvement with each other. The other name that was proposed was Channel Island’s Golf Club, but the vote of the membership was unanimous for Pro Duffers West Golf Club.

The first officers were as follows:

President, Charles White
Vice President, Julian Tarleton
Secretary, Milton Harrion
Treasurer, Al Burke
Tournament Chairman, Herbye White
Handicap Chairman, Herman Graham
Parliamentarian, Junius Bennett

A History of ProDuffers West

After the formal inception of the club, the first tournament was held on June 25, 1983 at Olivas Golf Course and the cost was $8.75.  There were six other tournaments scheduled for the remainder of the year.  The dues for 1983 were $20.00 per person and were raised to $35.00 commencing in 1984.

The results of the first tournament held at Olivas were as follows:

1st Low Gross:  Scottie Wells – 77
1st Low Net:  Scottie Wells – 65 (won on tie breaker)
2nd Low Net: Jerry Gaston – 65
1st Low Calloway: Charles Washington – 72
2nd Low Calloway: Julian Tarleton – 73
1st Low Net/Calloway – Ladies:  Rose Ivery
2nd Low Net/Calloway – Ladies: Nita Sanford

The first annual invitational golf tournament was a two day event held on October 5 and 6th, 1985 at Soule Park Golf Course in Ojai, CA.  The cost of the tournament was $90.00 per player.

Pro Duffers West is a club rich in history, thank you Bobby Adams, Jerry Gaston, Sterling Ivery, Al Duff and Milton Harrion for your continued membership for the past 30 years.

Pro Duffers West Golf Club Supports the Southern Area Junior Golf (SAJG) Program-(2000 thru 2019)

We have an ambitious full-service junior golf program for boys and girls between the ages of 7 thru 17 years old that otherwise might not have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary play golf. The SAJG Junior Golf Program is administered in four different sites: Maggie Hathaway Golf Course in Los Angeles, Westchester Golf Course in Westchester, Chester Washington Golf Course in Los Angeles and the Navy Base Ventura County (NBVC), Seabee Golf Course in Pt Hueneme, Ca.

The Junior Golf Program in Ventura County was originally established at the Saticoy Regional Golf Course Site in March 2000 by Don Cobb, Site Manager and Sterling Ivery, Co-Founder. During The First Tee Program years 2003-2014, the junior golfers were required to espouse the nine core values of the program, which are: Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy and Judgment. The first 16 years the local junior golf site was at the Saticoy Regional Golf Course in Ventura, Ca. Site manager, Don Cobb states, “The local program offered Life Skills, golf mechanics, rules and etiquette training along with Junior Golf equipment being provided with golf course and practice range access”. The current SAJG Program for the past 3 years is operated at the NBVC Seabee Golf Course and has cumulatively trained over 400 Juniors over the past 20 years. Years 2000 through 2002 the SAJG Junior Golf Program executed its training program using USGA based parameters and resumed this format in 2015.

Send an email to info@produfferswest.org for more info on the junior golf program, the program runs from April to October every year.

What Our Members Are Saying

“Being a member of Pro Duffers West Golf Club has challenged me to take my golf game more seriously and work on improving my game; not only because I like winning but also it helps me do my part to help our tournaments progress more smoothly.”


Upon joining the PDWGC in 1990 I discovered its essence was the great men and women members who inspired me to reach for higher levels of achievement and giving it my all, in golf, in community support and I learned a lot of meaningful life lessons.


In 2013 I first joined The Pro Duffers West GC mainly to play tournament golf under WSGA Rules as a 26 handicap in D Flight. By frequent competing in tournaments, lots of practice and with lessons I’m now a 10 handicap. The Pro Duffers West has its own Charitable events, Junior golf, and Scholarship programs awards annually.


Our Pro Duffers West Golf Club provides a comfortable and friendly group of people who feel like family to me and love to play golf.  Moreover, our clubs Junior Golf program and Annual College Sponsorship program is an added benefit to be a part of.  Come check us out.


As a member of the original founding members of the Pro Duffers West Golf Club, over the past 4 decades I have seen all the trials and tribulations of the Club evolution. Our members possessed the phenomenal ability to allow PDWGC to thrive, evolve, progress, and become the successful dedicated membership we are today, charitable, supportive of each and love the game of golf.


“My father taught me golf when I was a teenager. I never took it seriously. I only played charity scramble tournaments occasionally, until I joined the Pro Duffers Golf Club in 2015. I’ve been playing my own ball regularly ever since.”



ProDuffers West takes golf and fun seriously. Stay tuned for upcoming events and outings. We look forward to your support and if we’re lucky, your participation.

Pro-Duffers West

Make us part of your golf or community experience today.