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In 2013 I first joined The Pro Duffers West GC mainly to play tournament golf under WSGA Rules as a 26 handicap in D Flight. By frequent competing in tournaments, lots of practice and with lessons I’m now a 10 handicap. The Pro Duffers West has its own Charitable events, Junior golf, and Scholarship programs awards annually.


“My father taught me golf when I was a teenager. I never took it seriously. I only played charity scramble tournaments occasionally, until I joined the Pro Duffers Golf Club in 2015. I’ve been playing my own ball regularly ever since.”


As a member of the original founding members of the Pro Duffers West Golf Club, over the past 4 decades I have seen all the trials and tribulations of the Club evolution. Our members possessed the phenomenal ability to allow PDWGC to thrive, evolve, progress, and become the successful dedicated membership we are today, charitable, supportive of each and love the game of golf.


Our Pro Duffers West Golf Club provides a comfortable and friendly group of people who feel like family to me and love to play golf.  Moreover, our clubs Junior Golf program and Annual College Sponsorship program is an added benefit to be a part of.  Come check us out.


Upon joining the PDWGC in 1990 I discovered its essence was the great men and women members who inspired me to reach for higher levels of achievement and giving it my all, in golf, in community support and I learned a lot of meaningful life lessons.


“Being a member of Pro Duffers West Golf Club has challenged me to take my golf game more seriously and work on improving my game; not only because I like winning but also it helps me do my part to help our tournaments progress more smoothly.”



The ProDuffers West Golf Club host various events throughout the year. Stay tuned and feel free to come out and participate.

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