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The Pro Duffers West Golf Club is open to both men and women. The Club has been a member of WSGA since 1984. All Lady Pro Duffers are automatically members of WSGA WIG and eligible to play the Annual North South Shootout Golf Tournament for Women only. In addition to the North South that was started in 1990 the WSGA WIG Southern Area offers opportunity for interclub play among its approximate 12 clubs in the Southern and greater Los Angeles areas, as well as an 8 week annual golf training session for women and men.

The purpose of the WSGA WIG, SA Program is to provide outreach activities to women, to stimulate their interest in learning and playing the game of golf, to promote and increase the membership of WSGA WIG, Southern Area Clubs.

To be a widely recognized organization that attracts women to the game of golf and to continuously increase the number of women members of Western States Golf Association, Women In Golf Southern Area.

To accomplish the purpose and objectives of the Western States Golf Association Women in Golf Program, the Southern Area has an 8 week training program for both men and women. The program provides the equipment needed to learn the game of golf We have two sessions, Beginning and Intermediate, starting in April of each year through September Come out and join us!

By Victoria Minor

Women in Golf was an idea which was born out of the desire for women to get to know each other better and to play more golf together. Therefore, Women in Golf was organized in 1985 under the leadership of WSGA President, Fred Parker. The organization was first named Aid to Women Golfers. The idea of an organization designed specifically with women in mind was widely accepted by women in both the Northern and Southern Areas. Victoria Minor was appointed Chairperson representing the Northern Area women and Earnestine Abraham was appointed Chairperson for the Southern Area.

Both Victoria Minor and Earnestine Abraham met with the women in their respective areas to introduce the concept. It was enthusiastically welcomed by all. The Chairwomen were asked to write WSGA guidelines for the organization. Having achieved that goal, copies were given to the WSGA Secretary to present to the Board of Directors for its approval. The guidelines were approved by the Board.

WSGA WIG N-S Group Photo DFW 2019

The Northern area began to organize by electing officers a secretary, treasurer, and a tournament chairperson were put in place. Our ultimate goal at that time was to encourage women to play golf. Clinics were held for all levels of women golfers. We had help from Pros at the driving range and the men from our Golf Clubs were very helpful with basic instructions of the game. We held modified tournaments with an advanced golfer in each group to help beginners with rules and how to move the game. We saw progress and great interest from our efforts and women began to join the WSGA Clubs in the Northern area. We also saw stronger and more united Golf Clubs in the area. Our next effort was to work on uniting the Northern and Southern women. Out of this idea the North/South Shootout was born but not named.

Our first trial run was held in Fresno, CA in the late 1980s. It was a great beginning. Earnestine Abraham retired in 1990 after a wonderful five years of service. Millie Chadwick was then chosen as Chairperson for the Southern Area.

In 1990 the first serious Shootout was held and so named under the leadership of Millie Chadwick and Victoria Minor. The site for this tournament was Black Lake Golf Resort in Nipomo, CA. It was hosted by the Northern Area Women. Esther Wilson was the Tournament Coordinator. This tournament generated much love and respect between all of the women and a wonderful time was had by all. It was at this tournament that the decision was made to alternate the hosting of the tournament i.e. this year the north, next year the south.

WSGA WIG N-S Foursome 2019 DFW

The 1991 Shootout was hosted by the Southern Area women proving that the alternate year of hosting was a good idea because it enabled us to learn from each other and to improve on our year of hosting. Gus Robinson who was WSGA President in 1990 gave the women his wholehearted support, even to treating the women with his hearty gumbo. He was present with us every year as long as he was in office, never missing the Shootouts.

Victoria Minor retired in the early 90 ‘s and Esther Wilson agreed to take the position of Aid to Women Golfers in the Northern Area. I cannot write of all the wonderful work done by Faye Williams and B J Braswell during Esther Wilson’s tenure, we all saw it and I hope it will be included in the history that is still being made in this organization. Someone will write the next chapters and others are living and working the next chapters.

Written by Esther Wilson
September 2016

At the 1990 WSGA Championships, gauntlets were thrown down by the Northern and Southern California area representatives (Victoria Minor and Earnestine Abrams respectively) of WSGA Women In Golf (known then as Aid to Women Golfers). The challenge was on! Thus the North South Shootout was born

It is not known how it was decided that the North would host the first Shootout but it was a humble beginning. No one knew at the time that the Shootout would grow to what it is today. In the beginning the perpetual Trophy was the only prize. As participation grew more prizes were added.

WSGA WIG South-Group-Picture

Our first Shootout Shirts (pink for the North and Blue for the South) were donated by Charles Peoples Sr. WSGA President. Gus Robinson was on hand to help as bartender. The next few years Gus provided a Seafood Gumbo during the Friday night hospitality. James Carter and Allen Bennett attended many of the Shootouts with Gus.

In 1993 women from all areas in Western States were invited to participate in the Shootout. There was no Shootout in 1998 due to lack of timely entries. The main
purpose of the Shootout was then, and still is, to promote friendship among the women in Western States Golf Association. Judging from where we are today, the original intent of the Shootout has been, is being and will be accomplished.

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