Western States Golf Association
Women In Golf Program Southern Area

The Pro Duffers West Golf Club is open to both men and women. The Club has been a member of WSGA since 1984. All Lady Pro Duffers are automatically members of WSGA WIG and eligible to play the Annual North South Shootout Golf Tournament for Women only. In addition to the North South that was started in 1990 the WSGA WIG Southern Area offers opportunity for interclub play among its approximate 12 clubs in the Southern and greater Los Angeles areas, as well as an 8 week annual golf training session for women and men.

The purpose of the WSGA WIG, SA Program is to provide outreach activities to women, to stimulate their interest in learning and playing the game of golf, to promote and increase the membership of WSGA WIG, Southern Area Clubs.

To be a widely recognized organization that attracts women to the game of golf and to continuously increase the number of women members of Western States Golf Association, Women In Golf Southern Area.

To accomplish the purpose and objectives of the Western States Golf Association Women in Golf Program, the Southern Area has an 8 week training program for both men and women. The program provides the equipment needed to learn the game of golf We have two sessions, Beginning and Intermediate, starting in April of each year through September Come out and join us!

Pro Duffers West

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