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The Western States Golf Association (WSGA) has an extensive history of introducing deserving youth to the sport of golf. WSGA takes pride in helping young golfers develop their skills to compete at all levels, including local, regional and national junior golf competitions. We are one of the most successful golf organizations in the United States with more than 1,000 supporters. The goals of WSGA are to promote junior golf programs and provide college scholarships to deserving high school students that have expressed a continuing interest in golf at the college level, as well as conducting monthly tournaments among its various Member Clubs.

The Western States Golf Association’s junior program was formally organized in 1954. The program has provided services more than hundreds of youths per year between the ages of 7 and 17. It functions with an all-volunteer staff supplying thousands of hours of service. The program is supported by communities, companies and our local organization-the Pro Duffers West Golf Club in Oxnard, Ca., others include American Golf Corporation, local, county and city governments, the USGA, AAF and, of course, the Western States Golf Association. Each year hundreds of youth come through our programs, and many receive golf scholarships. Some alumni of the program are now employed as golf professionals and various members travel the country and the world playing golf while promoting our common values.

Because WSGA has adopted junior golf as one of its primary goal, we have an ambitious full-service program for boys and girls that otherwise might not have the opportunity to play golf. The WSGA Junior Golf Program is administered in seven different states and in twelve different cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas. The local SAJG Site is operated at the NBVC Seabee Golf Course in Pt. Hueneme, Ca. The program offers skill mechanics, rules, sportsmanship and etiquette training along with golf equipment and golf course and practice range access. The local Ventura County junior site is supported by the Pro Duffers West Golf Club in Oxnard providing both the coaches, volunteers and financial support.

To supplement and support the program’s participants the following components are offered:

• Parent Training
• Monthly tournaments
• Participation in certain SCPGA, AJGA activities
• Scholarship Assistance
• Internships
• And the WSGA Junior Championships

The goal of our program isn’t just to help young people find the wonderful game of golf more approachable and fun, though that helps. Our program however works to assist young golfers recognize the benefit of dedication and hard work off the golf course and in their own lives. Its often said it takes a village to raise a family and nothing could be more true when it comes young minds embracing the game of golf while also finding their place in the world.

Walter Moody – Jr. Golf Program Testimonial

(HISTORY cont…)

Operated by The Southern Area Junior Golf Program (SAJG), the local Junior Golf site was established in 2000 by Don Cobb and Sterling Ivery at the Saticoy Regional Golf Course. Operations were managed the past 23 years in Ventura, Ca by Don Cobb – 21 years, Bill Wilkins 2 years with Sterling Ivery Co’Manager the first 3 years. While learning the game of golf, the kids must also adhere to the principles of honesty, integrity, etiquette, obeying all rules etc., required to learn and play the game. Equipment for beginners, if needed, is provided to them along with an SAJG golf shirt upon joining.

As of April 2017, the SAJG Training Program transferred all training sessions to the Navy Base Ventura County (NBVC) Seabee Golf Course on Pacific Road, Building 1537, Port Hueneme, Ca 93041. Classes meet each Sunday at 2 pm from April until October annually. The first 17 years conducted at the Saticoy Regional Golf Course in Saticoy, Ca., laid the foundation for the training operation to continue in perpetuity.

The NAVY controls access to the NBVC Seabee Golf Course which requires a security badge, local staff coordinates with all coaches, parents/kids onsite, as well as access to the practice range and for on the course play, etc. The SAJG Program in Ventura has trained over 500 Juniors, including continued membership if kids enter directly into college after High School.

Other benefits can be obtained by the junior golfers, such as, Scholarships, local tournaments, travel play, etc., contact the local SAJG Site Manager through the Pro Duffers West Golf Club, P.O. Box 5976, Oxnard, Ca 93031 or inquire at info@produfferswest.com on the ProDuffersWest.org website.

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