Your Recipe for Success

How to get happy on the course, by a guy who dropped 20 strokes overnight.
Play Holes on the Range
Scrape, hit. Scrape, hit.  Don’t mindlessly beat range balls pre-round.  Instead, using your regular routine before every swing, imagine playing the course’s opening three holes.  This reduces the unhappy tension that can plague your first several swings.

 Play To Your Personal Par
Change your course’s par to reflect your ability, adding a stroke to the most difficult holes. You’re a 12 handicap? Your par 72 is now an 84.  (Write the new “par” for each hole on the scorecard.) This gives you a realistic score to shoot for and helps your course Management.

Aim for the Back of the Green
On approach shots, hit the club that, if struck perfectly, will reach the back of the green.  This brings more green into play if you miss-hit the shot.  Also, don’t expect to rattle every pin–the pros don’t.  The average leave on Tour from 100-125 yards is 21 feet from the hole, according to Shotlink.

Commit– And Let Er Rip!  
Standing over the ball, find a swing thought that helps you commit to the shot.  A positive thought wards off fear about where the ball will go. Remember, it’s going to come down somewhere.

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